Bankathon #5 - Next stop: Berlin!

From 21 to 23 November 2017, the FinTech hackathon lights up the capital

The Bankathon is now an established institution taking Europe by storm and with company builder FinLeap as host, figo has the perfect partner on board. This time, the Bankathon will take place in FinLeap’s new 'Fintech Hub Berlin', focusing on the Payment Services Directive 2! As it approaches becoming national law, the topic is now driving a whole industry - across Europe.

As a neutral platform, the Bankathon brings together a variety of players in the financial sector on a level playing field. Programmers, industry experts, bank representatives and customer service experts all meet to focus on solutions that make banking a clever and welcome everyday companion. The Bankathon network now consists of more than 1,000 FinTech-interested parties and 50 sponsors. In addition, the event now includes 300 participants from 12 nations who have developed a total of 88 solutions during recent events. All in all, they represent the European financial sector, where virtually no topic is making a more serious impact than PSD2. This is why the new openness of banking systems will be the focus of the event this time - shortly before implementation into national law in early 2018.

What's New?

In order to expand the variety of ideas on offer, for the first time there will be multiple theme tracks. In Berlin the motto is "PSD2 and ..."! Possible examples would be "PSD2 and Travel" or "PSD2 and Blockchain" - "PSD2 and Health", for example, is already under discussion.

"Over the past few years, we’ve been supporting the development of a variety of innovative and courageous ideas. To raise the level of prototypes that will be generated within the 30-hour programming phase, this time there will be specific topics," says André M. Bajorat, CEO of figo, speaking about the innovations of the fifth Bankathon. "What themes we’ll actually end up with will be seen in the coming weeks. We’re working through that together with the sponsors."


The Bankathon team has already been able to win over early sponsors for the concept: apoBank, Deutsche Bank, DKB, Hanseatic, KI Finance, RatePAY, Senacor, verimi and Visa are already on board.

FinLeap is hosting

The host is this time FinLeap - an institution that stands for the development of the European FinTech ecosystem. "The Bankathon is exciting for us, because we can see in living color how new ideas and even companies can emerge. We’ve already sponsored and participated in the Bankathon in Hamburg. The collaborative nature of the event and the cooperation among the various players in the financial market are why we’re supporting the event in the capital!” explains Dr. Matthias Lange, Managing Partner at FinLeap.

Bankathon Ecosystem - Developers, Developers, Developers

The participants will show, as one example, how information content from account transactions can enable a wide variety of applications! At the Bankathon, participants, sponsors and guests will see in person what creative developers can build on the foundation of banking infrastructures.

Registration Conditions

Developers' teams, individual participants, existing startups, and teams from banks and other financial service providers can register at They will present their results to a top-class jury and have a chance for cash and other prizes with a total value of approximately €10,000.

More information on the event, sponsoring opportunities and registration procedures can be found at

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